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- Custom Internet Security
Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows is a custom internet security application designed and developed specifically for the users of Windows operating system. The bespoke solution works seamlessly on:

- Windows XP
- Windows Vista
- Windows 7
- Windows 8
- Windows 10

Hotspot Shield free VPN for Windows offers protection against malware, phishing and spam sites. It secures the IP address assigned to you by your ISP and assigns you a new US IP address. This makes tracking or monitoring your online activities next to impossible.

- Unblock Websites
Corporate offices, schools, colleges and universities are some of the places that would not let you access Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, game sites and Twitter. Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows allows you to access all such sites without any restrictions. With Hotspot Shield, you can bypass internet filters that restrict access to Facebook or other sites at work or school, giving you uncensored access to what you want.

- Surf Anonymously
Online privacy and security are two of the biggest concerns of the current times. Other than snoopers and hackers tracking your online activities, ISPs also keep the log files pertaining to all user activity. It is like living in a glass house where you are always exposed to vulnerabilities. Hotspot Shield free VPN for Windows protects your IP address, concealing your location from not only snoopers but also from your own ISP. You are able to browse the internet as an anonymous user in complete privacy. Hackers have no chance to track you back to your computer with Hotspot Shield.

- Public Wi-Fi Protection
Public hotspots are the places where most of the online attacks take place. Unaware and unprotected people end up losing their online identity, passwords, credit card information and other sensitive data at hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and airports. Public Wi-Fi hotspots have unsecured and unprotected network connections.Thismakes it easier for the snoopers to intercept your data on that particular network. Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows supports encrypted network traffic which secures your online shopping data, passwords, instant messages and more from snoopers. This ensures that neither snoopers nor your ISPs are able to monitor, track or intercept your web activity.
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